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Posting this because I want to go to the area underneath the Williamsburg Bridge just outside the Essex St. station.

Here’s an interesting video from Charles Schwab about a young woman who suffered lead poisoning in the early 1990′s in NYC and her mother’s intentional leaving of the city in order to save her life.

The video is played back in reverse so as to look like it was filmed with him at the front of the train. Pretty ballsy.

AnimalNY read my mind! I’ve always wanted to watch a 5-minute video of 5 days’ worth of traffic on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge!


Just so I know in case I ever decide to risk it, here’s how to get into the Delancey Undeground (or the so-called Low Line Park). The real name of this place is the Williamsburg Bridge Railway Terminal and apparently the tracks are laid out in this formation (with the addition of 1 more Subway […]


Photo: James and Karla Murray I’m not exactly sure which one of the two took this photo (I mean, it could have been both of them), but it’s gorgeous! Look at that light shine right through the fog to illuminate the Williamsburg Bridge!