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This is awesome. Did you know that NYC has its own wind turbine? Well, actually, it doesn’t belong to the city. But the wind turbine is in the city! It’s near the Sunset Park recycling facility in Brooklyn.

Turbines. Windmills. Whatever you want to call them. I love these things and cannot wait to see some more in California.

Things I love: Hamburgers, dogs, cats, trains, and WINDFARMS. I love windmills.

8bar FIXED ALPCROSS Teaser – 4days x 4riders x 400km x 4.000m from 8bar BIKES on Vimeo. This looks like a great adventure. The full video comes out later this year. But really what caught my eye was that giant windmill/turbine.

Not too excited for the fashion here, but I am loving the giant wind farm on the runway!