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I’ve posted about Charles O’Rear’s infamous Windows XP wallpaper image before┬ábut have never actually heard the full story from him. What a great way to remember Windows XP. If anybody wants this wallpaper, you can download it here.

Today, Microsoft officially stopped supporting and updating Windows XP. The move is an attempt to make those lagging behind upgrade to more recent software/OS (like Windows 8). I grew up on Windows XP and it might actually be the Windows OS I remember the most. That giant Start button. The clouds and the green grass. […]


Photographer unknown, but picture from fstoppers This is like a Polaroid of a Polaroid! Here, photographer Charles O’Rear who is famous for taking the “Bliss” wallpaper found in Windows XP, holds a framed photo of his iconic picture in front of the actual hillside in California where it was taken. META!


I hope all of you had a wonderful new year. I know I did, and that’s because not only was I able to celebrate the day with good friends, I was also able to obtain a working copy of SimTower and Yoot Tower (also known as The Tower 2). I don’t know what the problem […]