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I’m a sucker for reflective stuff. I just found out that Nike made a 3M Reflective Windrunner that’s not covered in USA Olympic patches. But just like it’s Olympic counterpart, this reflective Windrunner doesn’t come cheap. Quick searches on eBay list this jacket at about $300+. If you want to get this, grab it here […]

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Really loving this new Nike British Millerain Windrunner I got the other day. The jacket is wool-lined and features a waxed cotton hood from British Millerain Co. Ltd. I’m pretty down with that.

Now that the Olympics are over, I’m hoping that Nike will discount the 21st Century Windrunner shown here. The jacket is completely reflective from all angles and carries with it USA pride. Two things I like very much!


As I write this, I am wearing this utterly fantastic all-black Nike Windrunner that reflects ever so brightly when light shines on it. It’s like the poor-man’s Stone Island Reflective Jacket!