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Traveling at a speed of 80MPH, Gary Connery leapt from a height of 2400 feet and became the first man ever to skydive and land safely without a parachute.

This must have been absolutely incredible to experience. But wow, I don’t even want to really think about how this would have turned out if he had been off course just a few feet.

Holy crap, watch this video of Jeb Corliss flying very, very fast and very, very low to the ground in his wingsuit. Watch as one of the videographers nearly gets decapitated in one of the fly-bys. [via]

Sure, this may be an ad for Casio G-Shock, but who cares when you get to see a first-person view of some guy jumping off of a mountain with a wingsuit on? Awesome (thank God for cameras because I would never be able to do this).