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This is so great. For $24.99, you can buy and wear your very own Penguin Hat. What is it? It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a¬†winter weather hat with a plush penguin on top!


Comedians Bobby Lee, Nick Youssef, Dean Delray, and Kevin Christy gathered at The Comedy Store to lend their great bodily figures to Self Edge’s 2015 Winter lookbook. Check out these sexy guys!

11pm tonight, there will be NO CARS ON THE ROAD except for emergency vehicles. This is gonna be one epic night!

Great video to watch on how to wash your car in freezing cold temperatures. Not just technical info for car guys either, but also some practical advice on how to dress properly for extremely cold temperatures.

Did you all catch this amazing light show on the Empire State Building the other night? I believe it runs all week to celebrate the winter Olympics in Sochi.