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I’ve posted about this technology from Fulton Innovation before, but here’s a much clearer video of wireless power on store shelves powering product box displays as well as battery-required product examples.

In April 1973, Martin Cooper placed the first call from a wireless cellular phone. Here’s a video from PBS Digital Studios about how Martin came up with his cellphone idea and how he turned it into a profitable business model for Motorola and other tech companies.


I just recently heard about this service from Karma that does a little something extra with those 4G hotspots you see from Sprint and Clear Wireless. With a Karma 4G hotspot, you pay as you go for internet and on top of that, if you share your Wi-F connection with others, you automatically get 100MB […]

Instashare: An app that makes it easy to transfer files over the air between iOS devices and your Mac

The latest version of Mac OS comes with AirDrop, a super simple way to transfer files of any type between Mac computers in the vicinity. This is great, but what if you wanted to transfer files to a nearby iOS device or between two iOS devices? That’s where Instashare comes in. It’s a super simple […]

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Ever find the need to print screengrabs of your digital life? Now you can with the Polaroid-shaped Polaroid Cacher. Polaroid Cacher from Adrià Navarro on Vimeo.


Who doesn’t need a $200 wireless speaker embedded in their showerhead? That’s right! Everyone should have this!