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Have a tip about cycling in NYC you want to share with the masses? The New York Times is hoping to be that destination with this interactive bike wisdom map. Useful.

A supercut of questionable/confusing but probably useful tips from mothers on TV. Flavorwire, you do it again!

I thought I posted this, but I haven’t. Good words of wisdom from this kid who just learned to ride a bike.

This video from a TED Talk back in 2009 still holds substance today. Barry Schwartz drops some knowledge about how practical wisdom can in fact make a huge difference in schools, law, and every day life where rules and incentives otherwise seem to fail at every turn. His book Practical Wisdom expands on this talk. […]


It was very sudden, but I’m going to have mouth surgery tomorrow to take out a wisdom tooth that’s being impacted into another tooth. Should be fun. I hear it’s a lot of pain and numbness and then a lot of congee afterwards. Yum. I’m hungry for blood and congee. Anyway, I think it’s safe […]