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Watch this New York Times Retro Report about the fight to save wolves and how the Endangered Species Act is dangerously becoming a way for Congress to decide whether animals should be on the list instead of relying on science and facts to make that determination.


Photo: Reuters/Lisi Niesner Werner Freund, a 79-year-old former German paratrooper, lives at the Wolfspark Werner Freund, a sanctuary for wolves where he raises and tends to at least 29 wolves. The wolves think of him as one of their own. Photo: Reuters/Lisi Niesner

Monty Sloan photographing wolves for Wolf Park‘s website. You know, wolves. They’re just like dogs apparently, but bigger and stronger. And they may eat you at any moment.

A trainer named Anita at the Polar Zoo returned home to the wolves she socialized to find them clamoring over her for hugs and kisses! How sweet! [via]