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Wow, I did not recognize Taylor Swift here at first! She doesn’t have her usual cat eyes makeup and her hair makeup overall is a bit different than her norm. I think she looks better this way, no?

Jordan Liles’ exploration video of an abandoned hotel in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee.

This is a great documentary by Hunter H. Richards and Terry Rayment about some of the people behind a lot of the videos that I’ve posted here on Doobybrain. The video focuses on a few creative individuals and asks them to elaborate on how they go about making money, doing what they love, and not […]

Wonderland is a film about several people working in the creative commercial space. The list of interviewees is impressive. Can’t wait for this to be released.


Sad news for the urban explorers waiting for a chance to check out China’s Disneyland clone known as Wonderland. According to this Chinese website, the entire park has now been demolished after razing began on April 20th. What’s going to replace it? Atlas Obscura says it’ll be a luxury supermarket.

After a Facebook hacking mishap, this guy got revenge on his younger brother by completely turning his room into a pink wonderland. [via]