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Remember when Woody and Buzz Lightyear terrorized the city in GTA IV? Well, here’s Woody at it again.

This is my favorite GTA mod so far. Right up there with the Delorean mod. The sheer absurdity of watching Woody and his army of Buzz Lightyears run amok in Times Square while spitting Street Fighter lines is just so amazingly funny.

Chris Glass shared this video tidbit from The Graham Norton Show of Tom Hanks revealing the truth behind the voices for various Toy Story/Woody video games, toys, and products. It turns out that Tom Hanks doesn’t actually do those voices himself. Instead, his brother Jim Hanks does them all!

Man, I need to get myself another Woody doll so I can attach this to my future car. [via] If you want one too, I highly recommend the Toy Story Sheriff Woody 16″ Ragdoll from Thinkway. It is the most realistic and true-to-form Woody doll currently being made. I have one and it’s great!