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Been looking at X for a while now. Seems like a very powerful theme platform for WordPress. Look at all these crazy features!

Wow, after watching this video, I cannot wait for John and his team to release Ghost. He takes the best of what WordPress used to be and combines it with some of the greatest programming minds of the day to create a visually captivating blogging platform with blogging at the forefront. I can stand behind […]


This is all sorts of incredible. If I didn’t already get myself locked into something else or if I wanted to try something completely new from scratch, this brand-new $299/year Business tier from WordPress.com sounds amazing. It gives you live phone support, access to all Premium WordPress.com themes, unlimited storage, and everything that comes with […]


Sutherland Boswell has created a plugin for WordPress called Retinamatic that automatically sets your images in your blog to be Retina-display ready so long as the image uploaded is big enough. For $5, it’s a painless way to get things looking right on new displays.


Hello. I’m writing this from my iPhone. It’s been a very long time since I’ve wanted to do this, but the last version of the site was just too primitive for the latest version of the WordPress app. After so many years I’m finally caught up with the future. Feels good! Haha. Expect more posts […]