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After Joshua Foer visited a National Memory Championship competition, he was intrigued by the way people with no special mental handicaps were able to memorize extravagant amounts of data. He dug deeper and found out that people like us could also do the same, we just needed to train our heads to use that portion […]

This is unbelievable. This girl named Alyssa can say any word you throw at her backwards in a matter of a few seconds. No paper or pen handy. Just straight up brain work! Pretty amazing!

The Alphabet 2 is an interesting video that shows each character of the alphabet is represented by something that starts with that letter.

Kirby Ferguson created this short segment for CNN about how language and certain words have changed meaning over the long course of history in Christianity. Interesting…

Changing the way you say something can have significant impact on you and the people around you. That’s what this video from “online content specialists” PurpleFeather is saying. Thanks Esther!