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The Coolspring Power Museum in Coolspring, Pennsylvania has the world’s largest collection of still-operational internal-combustion engines in the United States. I want to go here.

Alana Surfer Girl Ep. 204: Oahu Surfing & Working

Travel with Alana Blanchard as photographer Ryan Craig shoots her in the water and on the shore too.


Kyle over at Instructables has spent over a year building a working skeeball machine (complete with point counter and coin-operated start) made entirely out of K’NEX! [via] You have to see the size and detail of this thing! Watch the video below!


This is incredible. Together with master LEGO builder Rene Hoffmeister, Lorenz Lnggrtnr and his team helped construct a working barrel organ that used LEGO Star Wars characters on a rotating barrel to play music from Star Wars. The organ works by rotating and having the surface objects hit LEGO triggers that in turn play a […]

Some destructo-porn for your Monday afternoon from NBC’s Revolution, a show about what happens 15 years after all electronics and machines stop working on planet Earth.