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If you’ve seen the Google Doodle for yesterday and today and was wondering what that floating arrow above the keyboard was, well, then Google’s got the rundown for you. The keyboard is a working Moog Synthesizer that you can record and play songs on. Google notes: Much like the musical machines Bob Moog created, this […]

Ha! Will you look at that! Tyler Card made a big Nikon D3 costume that really works. It captures images and then displays them on a big LCD TV screen on the backside of the costume. Here’s a video on how it was all put together.


Photo: Cary Norton This is simply amazing. Photographer Cary Norton built a fully working 4×5 camera out of LEGO bricks! Since LEGO pieces aren’t all exactly the same, there are some minor light leaks which lead to some interesting flares over images. Cary has posted a couple of photographs taken with this camera here. Thanks […]

Red Scarlet Fixed Lens Camera – First video of a working Scarlet ! from Tonaci Tran on Vimeo. Man, this RED SCARLET camera here is so sexy. I wonder if we’ll get one at work since we’ve been shooting RED so often. [via]

This sort of reminds me of that Manchester Metroshuttle poster I posted earlier…except that these gears actually work. [via]