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Imprint has a great collection of newspaper front page clippings from the personal collection of Rick Meyerowitz’s father, Hy, who collected these during World War II. The newspaper front pages each proclaim a significant moment in WWII in giant, bold letters, something that is a rare sight nowadays in newsprint media.


Photo: AP Photo/USHMM/LOC This photo above has the inscription “The last Jew in Vinnitsa” on the back and it is part of the World War II Holocaust photo post over at The Atlantic. If you can believe it, the photo above is probably the least offensive of the bunch. The rest of them are truly […]

Time Magazine just launched their online video section and one of the videos is this one shown above that tells the story of World War II fighter pilots in training and the planes that crashed during these training missions. UPDATE: Wow, ok, Time Magazine’s video embedding sucks balls. Just watch the video here.


Need some World War II-era design inspiration? Then check out the 2000+ World War II posters in this Flickr photoset.