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Read this delightful write-up about a huge Great Dane named George and his lovely personality, playfulness, and award-winning size. Measuring in at over 4-feet tall when standing and about 7 feet long in length, George has been officially named the world’s largest dog by the Guinness World Records. LOOK AT THAT PHOTO BELOW OF HIS […]

Nice! I’ve posted a photo of the former world’s largest graffiti tag along the LA River before but never have I posted video of it. So here they are! As you might already know, this was buffed and painted over in 2009. The LA River is pretty clean of graffiti nowadays — at least it […]

This awesome alarm clock was one of the entries in 102.1 Edge’s World’s Biggest contest back in 2007. The alarm clock doesn’t really use any sound or loud noises, but instead it makes use of a large mounted air cylinder at the head of the bed and a valve controlled by a computer to literally […]