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This photo is borrowed from Design Mind in a post where they write about the beauty of aged and heavily used electronics. No cases, no protecting covers…just wear and tear like normal objects.


Here are photos of Andrew Chen’s (Self Edge NY/3sixteen) worn jeans which were part of a curated show called Natural Process: A Study in Worn Denim. Dollar for dollar, 3sixteen jeans are some of the best pieces of denim you can buy. They wear great, they are American, and they are supported by some of the most […]

Ryan Kothe made this video called Worn Out showing different objects being worn down over time.

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Wow! Look at this for some design inspiration! Somebody on eBay has sold vintage 30′s or 40′s WWII-era Converse sneakers to somebody else for $1825. The sneakers are very worn but they look absolutely fantastic given their age. In addition, you can check out the odd Swastika insignia on the bottom soles.


Etsy user chakrapennywhistle has this one-of-a-kind wallet for sale that’s made entirely out of a vintage (and used) bank money bag. Price: $35. A great price for an item that nobody else will have. Buy it now before it gets sold out like the last one. Thanks Gearfuse!