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Haha, nothing about this lens matters, because it’s a body cap.

I’ve never heard of this movie, but among film geeks, it’s known to be the worst movie ever made (wait, I thought that award belonged to Troll 2). Anyway, CinemaSins breaks down the billion things that are wrong with this movie. Yep, it’s unwatchable.

A man from Australia does this so that we never ever have to. Some of them are from movies and TV.


Obama’s re-election, the Newtown school shootings, the Olympics, the Mars Rover landing, the Mayan apocalypse, Instagram’s TOS change, 50 Shades of Grey… These were all either the most important stories or the least important stories of 2012 as summed up very¬†succinctly¬†in this article from The Morning News entitled “The Year That Was and Wasn’t“. A […]