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I didn’t know this, but one company in the UK, Raccoon does a lot of the vehicle wraps for the cars participating in Gumball 3000. These wraps are insane. I’m not gonna lie, those flat/matte camouflage wraps on cars look really nice.

How to wrap an extension cord like a contractor

What the heck?! I have never seen anybody wrap their extension cord like this, but man, I need to try this because it does look a lot better than the way I do it now.

I can’t read any of the copy in this ad for Bob’s, but as you can see in this video, it looks like they’ve made a sandwich wrapping that is completely edible. Germs everywhere is all I can think about. [via]


Ladies, wrap yourself in this piece from the upcoming Maison Martin Margiela collection from H&M. [via]

I would never do this to my own car, but since I do love reflective material, I guess this is pretty cool. A decent way to make sure NOBODY misses you (unless their headlights are off and you’re in the middle of the desert).

This camera may be decent, but honestly, I cannot get over how ugly that leather wrapping is.