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This is pretty amazing. Aymann Ismail snuck into the massive construction project near the WTC that will soon (one day) be the WTC transportation hub and took some photos of the process.

Never seen this footage before. Unedited (except for the cuts) and raw. Videographer: Michael Barbagallo, CW 39, with coworker Anthony Mazza.


A great breakdown in New York Magazine about the current make-up of One World Trade Center (formerly known as the Freedom Tower). It turns out that only 61% of the entire building is rented, meaning a good portion of it is just…well, empty.

“They must have been very relieved.” The understatement of the year.

You saw CAMERA 1 of the incredible WTC BASE jump stunt. Now here’s another camera featuring one of the other jumpers.

This is pretty amazing footage. Four people have apparently been arrested after turning themselves in for a BASE jumping stunt that occurred on September 30, 2013. The four – Andrew Rossig, James Brady, Marko Markovich, and Kyle Hartwell — are being charged with some serious crimes including felony burglary. This arrest comes not even a week after […]