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Devour posted this awesome video about Dave Millican and his knack for creating some of the most widely seen wrestling belts on television. He hand crafts each one by hand and cringes a bit when they are destroyed on scene during wrestling matches, but prides himself in being the best of the best in the […]

Connor “The Crusher” Michalek, an 8 year old terminal cancer patient, was given the best present ever by the WWE when he was invited to not only meet his favorite wrestlers, but to also enjoy a live wrestling show as well. So precious. As USA Today reports: It wasn’t the last time Michalek would get […]

The WWE released this special “Muppisode” featuring the famed Swedish Chef and…Gordon Ramsay!

This video is so funny. It shows how WWE matches are basically scripted even if they are unscripted, with the wrestlers calling out moves to each other so they can perform them in tandem.