Sploid just shared this impressive video of a former Dutch WWII bunker being sawed in half by a steel cable ever so slowly. Kind of like a giant concrete cake in front of a body of water.

Before drones became popular in wartime, the US had reconnaissance missions during WWII that outfitted Spitfire fighter jets with cameras. It was a risky thing to do, especially when these pilots were flying into enemy airspace with no weapons or assistance. This short documentary takes old footage of a pilot’s 1944 Spitfire plane crash and […]

Alternative transportation suggestions at the peak of the gas and rubber shortage during WWII? Why yes, we have a pogo. What a crazy world we live in.


Imprint has a great collection of newspaper front page clippings from the personal collection of Rick Meyerowitz’s father, Hy, who collected these during World War II. The newspaper front pages each proclaim a significant moment in WWII in giant, bold letters, something that is a rare sight nowadays in newsprint media.