This is the trailer for a documentary called Honor Flight about a group in the Midwest (Stars and Stripes Honor Flight) that flies WWII veterans out to Washington, D.C. for free to see the memorial built in honor of them.

AP: Explosives experts in Germany detonated the remains of a 550-pound World War II bomb in central Munich on Tuesday. About 3,000 residents were forced to leave their homes and debris caused fires in several nearby buildings. (Aug. 29) I wonder who foots the cleanup bill.

Say what? This abandoned complex known as the Murphy Ranch was the site of secret Nazi communications during WWII. Weird LA!


Photo: AP Photo/USHMM/LOC This photo above has the inscription “The last Jew in Vinnitsa” on the back and it is part of the World War II Holocaust photo post over at The Atlantic. If you can believe it, the photo above is probably the least offensive of the bunch. The rest of them are truly […]

Sit back and enjoy this story from a 90-year-old WWII veteran about the power that music can play even in times of war. [via]

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Wow! Look at this for some design inspiration! Somebody on eBay has sold vintage 30′s or 40′s WWII-era Converse sneakers to somebody else for $1825. The sneakers are very worn but they look absolutely fantastic given their age. In addition, you can check out the odd Swastika insignia on the bottom soles.