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This is such a great way to sum up the travels for an entire year!

An ambitious project, but one that this woman named Madeline did quite nicely. She filmed at least one video a day for the entire year of 2011 and then edited each clip down to about 1 second to do a quick flashback of the year as a whole. If you want to see LA fly […]


Under Consideration’s list and poster of 99 things you can do to have a better year. Download the PDF version here.

Stephen Leung made this fantastic video! Another great compilation piece that I only wish I had time to do as well. [via]


Need to waste some time today? Why not check out YouTube’s 2011 year in review, where you can relive major viral videos from the past year in a convenient timeline format. I’ve embedded it below, but it’s tiny here so go to YouTube to see it big.