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James Cameron’s quest for answers in how the Titanic sank has resulted in a this spectacular new and precise CGI animation of the ship hitting the iceberg and then sinking in two pieces toward the ocean floor. This video here is a portion of the National Geographic special Titanic: 100 Years series which you can […]


Photographer Greg Girard who photographed the images in the City of Darkness book published a new title last year called Hanoi Calling about the 1000 year anniversary of the founding of the capital city of Vietnam. The series of photos entitled Hanoi Calling can be seen on his website or purchased as a 128-page book. […]

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Speaking of Coca-Cola and the Hutchinson bottle, it turns out you can buy more than just the Hutchinson bottle to celebrate Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary. Selfridges is also selling this Coca-Cola 125 years boxset that includes 4 iconic Coca-Cola glass bottle designs. That’ll be $66 USD if you are keen on collecting Coke history.


YouTube Time Machine is a great way to selectively view videos taken from a particular year in history. Just drag the slider at the top to the desired year and refresh the page to bring up video after video of content from that specific year.