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Luckiest boy in the world! Survives for up to 3 hours underneath massive amounts of sand (all thanks to a dead tree).

Aww, I like this short ad for Coca-Cola directed by Aaron Ruell about a blossoming relationship and the shared interest in drinking Coke.

The human body and brain is just remarkable. This young girl named Cameron Mott had half of her brain removed to stop seizures she was having at a very young age. The risk was high and the surgery was dangerous, but Cameron pulled out of it and has gained function on her left side (originally […]

Hear the story of 12-year-old Dylan Murry who just might be the fastest kid on wheels. Where does that energy and drive come from? Well, his dad, who is international sports car racer David Murry.

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com. This is seriously the craziest news story I’ve ever heard. Oral sex at 5 years old?!??!