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Oh man, I just watched this the other night and I couldn’t take it. It was such a horrible movie. So many unexplained things and so┬ámuch stupid time spent on the stupid romance aspect of the film. I just spent 26 minutes watching this Your Movie Sucks video and┬áthis was more enjoyable than the film […]

LOVE THIS REVIEW. Not even gonna waste my time now with this Spider-Man 2 film. “This entire movie did not even give a shit!“

A long time ago (it seems), I started watching The Walking Dead based on high recommendations from just about everybody. I remember it well because the first season, although very short (6 episodes), was amazing. It was exhilarating watching a show about zombies (which I often think is a stupid concept) and finding myself fully […]

I just discovered this YouTube channel called YourMovieSucks and I am really enjoying these long movie reviews that are spliced with some of the best commentary ever (reminds me of The Spill — which is now, apparently, owned by Hollywood.com?). Anyway, sure, watching these videos take up a lot of time, but I don’t regret […]