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After a long hiatus, I am back in full swing at YMF, posting new images as often as I can.


In a couple of days, it will be a month since I first started posting photos at You’re My Favourite. For those who don’t know, You’re My Favourite is my photoblog where I dig into my personal archive of photos and showcase some of the images that have inspired me and helped me develop my […]


Of all of the years that I’ve lived in New York City, I have never once heard about Riverbank State Park, a sizable recreational park located above the North River Water Pollution Control Plant. For the first time today, I went there and it is such a great place! There’s a lot of basketball courts, […]


If you’re interested in seeing some of the early developmental shots that eventually led to nurture my photographic eye today, head on over to You’re My Favourite where I’ve been posting some older photos from some of the earliest archives of photos I’ve been keeping. It’s interesting to see some visual motifs that I still […]


As you might have noticed, I’m trying to get as many people to view my new photoblog as possible. Over the weekend, there were quite a bit of changes so I’ll just go over them quickly as bullet points. Official name change: My photoblog is now called You’re My Favourite and is located at the […]