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Aftenposten has sent 3 young Norwegian youths abroad to check out the places where their clothes are made. The youths are asked to go about a day in the life of a garment factory worker and to even, at times, make some clothes themselves. Their reactions are captured in this multi-part series.

CODY: Short Documentary by AG Rojas

A raw look at youth from the perspective of a kid from Taft, California who documents his excitement about being cast in the director’s music video only to become the subject of the documentary himself when a school shooting happens nearby on the day of the shoot. Not your conventional documentary by any means, but […]

Stillmotion’s first Share project centers around the Old Skool Cafe in San Francisco, a place where at-risk youth can find their way out of troubling neighborhoods and find a path to success. The place is founded by Teresa Goines who was once a prison guard and saw potential in youth but saw no way for […]

Inner City Polo League from John Carl on Vimeo. Here’s another video from The Duck Duck Collective’s 30-day trip to 30 cities. This one is from Philadelphia, PA at a polo sport league for inner-city and at-risk youth that uses horses as a vehicle to teach young kids good citizenship and responsibility.