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The new Yung family portrait, complete with Stephanie and the new baby, Rehema, and all 4 of our dogs! Tada! Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving!

Celebrate! from stephervescent on Vimeo. My brother and sister in law!!!! If you’re wondering, this was actually filmed on a Super 8 camera. Coming up soon on a year of marriage!


My cousin Betty just wrote a very moving post in tribute of her dad (and my uncle) who passed away from cancer in 1998. I was even younger than her when all the events transpired and like Betty, I understood very little about it. It was only until after his death that I realized all […]

I know, I’m not getting very creative with these video names. So sue me (please don’t…no money). Anyway, here’s another video from our most recent practice session. I particularly like this video because it shows how well we know each other musically. Every once in a while we’ll lose each other mid-song because of a […]


I’ve had people say to me before that I see very unusual things in the backgrounds of scenes in movies. While most people focus on the center-stage subject/object, I often look behind all of that just to see what’s in the background — to see if anybody is messing up during filming or to see […]