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An entire post about fixing stuck zippers over at Lifehacker. I’m posting this for myself to look up later. Also, graphite can act as a lubricant????

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Look at the way this backpack opens up! A 3-way zipper design that lets you really dig into your pouch. It was recently named the best active backpack from Carryology. 3Zip Design Demo from Mystery Ranch on Vimeo.

I remember telling Joyce about this machine and she didn’t believe me until I insisted it was real. Well, here it is on video doing its thing — moving a line of snake boulders from one lane to the next.


Today’s Google Doodle is an interactive zipper that reveals a Google search for “Gideon Sundback“. Technically, Sundback did not invent the zipper but rather perfected it by adding more teeth!


Decorate your kitchen or office counter with this delightful $20 glass candy jar that looks like a zipper bag!

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I stopped by the Jack Spade store yesterday in SoHo and got a look at their Cordura Backpack. I didn’t really try it on, but in terms of build quality, it felt great! It’s real heavy cordura and the zippers are lined with a reflective strip which adds a nice look when light is shined […]