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A map of how much flooding areas in NYC should expect in a major storm and what level of evacuation they should follow should they need to get out of there quick! Check out the map here.

Caitria and Morgan O’Neill are two sisters who found themselves in the center of a tornado disaster zone in Massachusetts. They quickly realized that many people were willing to help, but figuring out how to disperse them and how to share information in a disaster zone proved difficult. So they created a quickly deployable emergency […]


As far as maps go, this one actually looks very nice and pleasing to the eye. In all seriousness though, please make sure you heed any warnings for evacuation as the city seems to think most coastline areas will be under water completely. Got a boat? Use it (just kidding, don’t use it, you will […]


Swissmiss posted this useful time zone tool that allows you to drag a slider and visually see the time and day in different time zones all at once. Visit Every Time Zone to try it out.