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This is straight up one of the coolest music videos I’ve seen in a while. The alternate title of “HYPNO SF” is totally accurate. Watch this if you want to see San Francisco zoom in and out of your view. Such a neat effect.

This is by far the clearest upload of this video that I’ve come across. If you haven’t seen this classic science film, make sure you do.

Did you know that Google has done an extensive sweep of The White House using their Street View technology? Not only have they put out a virtual tour of the place but they’ve also gone ahead and used Gigapixel technology to let viewers zoom way into historical paintings and artifacts housed at The White House. […]


The Daily Mail has posted some neat photos of grains of sand zoomed in at over 250 times its original size and from the images you can see that, just like snowflakes, every grain of sand is unique and special in its own way!

This will most likely be taken down at some point, but while it’s up, check out the intro to the movie Limitless. It’s a take on fractal zooming — a sort of infinite zooming sequence that enlarges the picture plane in front of you until it is out of frame only to have another picture […]

Fixed Soldiers Nights II from Black Milk Studio on Vimeo. Look out for the girl with the bright pink front wheel and purple frame! I swear, every single bike in this video is a thing of beauty. [via]